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So i am currently running ive had the card a long time and until a few days ago i was just using the on board sound from this but i dont know if its worth it to upgrade to a different/ better card. but i dont really need a high end expensive over the top gaming card i just want something that will give me great sound in anything gaming, music, movies, etc..... but i dont know how the brands models compare i want something with decent software and drivers any ideas?
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  1. Browse this list of Internal Sound Cards for specs and get a feel for what you're after:

    I wouldn't go for anything less than EAX 4.0 support in this day and age or anything less than 102dB SNR. (Bearing in mind that a -2.7 to -3.0 dB is twice the noise!).

    Does the baseline 'Core 3D' card look much better than what you have?
    - Creative Sound Blaster Recon3D PCIe

  2. yea it does but is creative the way to go? ive heard great things about the asus cards i mean i loved my creative card when i got it but is 100$ for the baseline recon3d worth it ?
  3. The Recon3D lineup is crap; theres a reason why Creative already put out the new Z series of cards.

    Right now, for non-audiophile users, it appears the choice is between the ASUS Xonar DX and Creative Soundblaster Z. I'm withholding judgment on the Z until I see some reviews though.
  4. or would i be better off just finding a really good usb headset for gaming?
  5. USB lags the audio, doesn't it?
  6. More processing with USB, though it usually doesn't result in a noticeable delay. The USB headset does the audio processing though, and most doe a REALLY bad job at it.
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