PC not booting up with graphic card

I have foxconn G41MD motherboard with E5400 2.7 800FSB dual core...and I recently bought my new vga which is a Gigabyte radeon HD5570 which requires 43Watts...and my PSU is 450W stock my problem is when I put my graphic card into the socket and try to turn on the pc it will not boot...just working all the fans with a faulty beep sound coming from the speaker...but I already used that card for few days without a lag and even played assassins creed well...actually I'm so much confused bout the situation because I wasted all my money on that gpu last week :(

I'd also like to mention that my previous mobo was G41 MX F2.0 with the same cpu and ddr2 ram and a sapphire HD4350 (PSU was gigabyte 550W)...I had the same issue with that pc as well but it's kinda different though... pc won't boot sometimes but when I remove and replace the vga it will work again...but this time it will not booting up with that 5570 anymore...(it worked ones but when I restarted the pc it keeps bringing the same beep again. And now it won't give display anymore) :(

Well what do u think? Is the vga faulty? or my PSU not enough? if it's not enough how did it work before? I have no problems without the vga card anyhow...please help me out
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  1. I honestly feel a RMA comming on...

    But with that said, I do not think your PSU is the probelm. 450 watts should be plenty to power a 5570. Do you know what the beep code is? One long, two short? If that is the case its a video card thing typically.
  2. Beep is just not too short...but not too long beeeeeeeeep and again beeeeeeeeep
    whatever if it's with vga card how can it able to work after trying 10 or more times of replacing? but when it will able to work it does not last will stop working again when I restart the pc.. weird :(

    P.S.: I also tried removing my sound card and one HDD as well...but same thing

    Here's the voltage details showed on HWmonitor.. are the values safe?

    Hardware monitor ITE IT87
    Voltage 0 1.18 Volts [0x4A] (CPU VCORE)
    Voltage 1 1.62 Volts [0x65] (VIN1)
    Voltage 2 3.04 Volts [0xBE] (+3.3V)
    Voltage 3 5.05 Volts [0xBC] (+5V)
    Voltage 4 13.63 Volts [0xD5] (+12V)
    Voltage 5 -8.51 Volts [0x85] (-12V)
    Voltage 6 -8.51 Volts [0x85] (-5V)
    Voltage 7 5.08 Volts [0xBD] (+5V VCCH)
    Voltage 8 3.12 Volts [0xC3] (VBAT)
    Temperature 0 43°C (109°F) [0x2B] (TMPIN0)
    Temperature 1 37°C (98°F) [0x25] (TMPIN1)
    Fan 1 2616 RPM [0x102] (FANIN1)
    Fan PWM 0 50 pc [0x40] (FANPWM0)
    Fan PWM 1 50 pc [0x40] (FANPWM1)
    Fan PWM 2 50 pc [0x40] (FANPWM2)
    Register space LPC, base address = 0x0A10
  3. Ill be honest, I need better engrish... lol I can hardly make out what you are saying and I dont want to give you any recommendations based on me guessing what you are saying.
  4. oh it's k then...but I really really want this to be fixed soon because all of my photography and gaming works are on hold ..hmm hope someone will help me out
  5. from your posted power listing your 12v line is way to high Voltage 4 13.63 Volts [0xD5] (+12V)
    it may have burnt the card out.
    also see if a freind has an older 8800 nvidia card or 210 unit. with older mb it may be the mb chipset may not like all flav of newer video cards that are out there. with an older mb chipset you may need an older video card.
  6. mm I have no idea but there's no physical sign of burning on the card and it's look like a brand new...btw if u suggest me to get a new psu then will a cooler master 350W good enough for my system (for the 2 HDDs, DVD RW, sound card etc) ? can I use my new vga with that PSU? because I got no much money to pay for higher end parts anymore :(
  7. Any help? Do u think vga card already broken? (because it hardly gives display if i try 10 or more times replacing)
    And my last question...cooler master 350W PSU enough for my system?
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    no you should look at a good 430w cosair or at lest a 500w unit. it the 12v line and video cards that are the issue..most cheap ps lie about the max amps there 12v line can run..the bad ps will pop and take out your system. i would rma the video card and try a new ps.
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  10. Ok I also think that too
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