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I have a HD5770 with a ProScaqn 40 inch lcd tv.

For the past couple days my HDMI will not detect my TV anymore, before and after startup. The DVI of the video card works just fine but the HDMI does not anymore.

I had this problem before about a year ago and can't seem to find the solution again, it's been lost in the internet.

Basically last time I did something in the REGEDIT to have the video card be like always on on mode instead of detect mode or something similar. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.
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  1. ok then format your pc then re install the new driver of 5770 and try to connect hdmi with tv hope this work
  2. That's very excessive...

    Did you install the latest driver? it has some issues with HDMI audio not detecting right, wouldn't surprise me if it was this too. if you updated it you can try and roll it back. I'd uninstall and try 12.3. or go further back
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