How to combine AMD A8 ATI Raedon 6670

I want to buy Amd A8 3650 processor and AMD Ati Raedon 6670 GPU.What should I do to enable the special dual graphics feature ?
Just placing the gpu into the mobo will work ???
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  1. There is no A8-3650. It's either an A8-3850 or an A6-3650. As far as enabling dual graphics, it's probably a setting within Catalyst Control Center.

    -Wolf sends
  2. Asis Chakraborty said:
    I want to buy Amd A8 3650 processor and AMD Ati Raedon 6670 GPU.What should I do to enable the special dual graphics feature ?
    Just placing the gpu into the mobo will work ???

    did you mean a6 3650 quad core apu? if yes, you can use a radeon hd 6670 with the apu to enable amd dual gfx. here's a link on amd dual gfx faq,
    Q3: I just bought an AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series graphics card. How do I configure my PC to take advantage of AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics?

    A3: To take advantage of AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics, you must use a compatible AMD A-Series APU to pair with your supported AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series card. After installation of your graphics card, install the latest AMD graphics drivers. After driver installation, the option to enable AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics should become available in the AMD VISION Engine Control Center.

    Once installed, go into the “Performance” section of the AMD VISION Engine Control Center and check the box that says 'Enable Crossfire™' - this will allow the AMD A-Series APU graphics to work in tandem with the select AMD Radeon™ HD 6000 Series GPU installed for increased graphics performance.

    Q4: Where do I plug my monitor in to get the best performance when using AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics technology?

    A4: For best performance, AMD recommends plugging the display into your discrete graphics card. This will ensure that even applications that do not take advantage of AMD Radeon™ Dual Graphics will still be able to run on the faster graphics card in your system. However, to be more accurate, we recommend that you plug your monitor into the AMD Radeon™ graphics with the higher model number. If that is your APU, plug into the motherboard, if it is your discrete graphics card, plug into that.

    read the link for more info. hope it helped you a bit. :)
  3. From what I am to understand this is only a worthwhile process if using a discreet card below the 6670 otherwise the GPU is being held back while waiting for the APU
  4. This is easy to set up. Simply install the 6670 into the system. Connect the monitor to the on-board video connection (not to the newly installed video card). Power on your rig. Download and install the latest version of Catalyst. Catalyst will likely detect both GPUs and enable Crossfire for you. If not, you can enable in Catalyst after a successful restart.

    You leave your display connected to the on-board video connection, it is the primary video source in this config.

    I have the same config on my HTPC and it works great.
  5. This process is not working.I have AMD A8 3870k & xfx raedon 6670.After following ur process the "Device Manager"is showing both 6650d & 6670 gpu but AMD vision is showing only the 6550d chipset and there isnt any option to "enable crossfire" under the "performance" tab.I am using AMD catalyst 12.6 for Windows 7 32 bit.
  6. Which device do you have your display connected to (the APU or the HD6670)?
  7. I have connected my display with APU.My problem is written above.I tried to connect my display with gpu too.But the problem remains the same and even the device manager & AMD Vision showed only the Raedon 6670.
  8. OK. With the APU (via the motherboard connectors) connected to the display, power the system up and reinstall the most recent version of catalyst (with the HD6670 installed as well, of course). Restart. When fully booted up, then check your CF settings in Catalyst.

    You can also look at the hardware properties in Catalyst to see if both are recognized.
  9. Done it again according to the video posted by Nicolus in YOUTUBE.I opened my UEFI bios--advanced settings--advanced menu--NB Configuration--Primary Video Device[IGFX Video] & UMA Frame Buffer Size [1 Gb].Then saved it and installed my apu's driver from mobo.But still the vision center does not show the "enable crossfire" option under the performance tab.

    But,AMD vision-"Information"-"hardware" is showing Raedon 6550d as primary & Raedon 6670 as disabled adapter.

    I explored my bios and adjusted "APU spread spectrum" option too,but found no solution.Confused abot is there anything more option in my bios?
    What should I do now???
  10. You don't have to load a separate driver for the APU and the GPU. When you install Catalyst it takes care of both devices.
  11. Success at last.All X86 win 7 & xp failed.I installed xp pro 64 bit and just after installing mobo drivers including AMD Catalyst it automatically detected both my gpu and apu & asked me to crossfire them.
    But after the crossfire it takes a restart and everything goes all right.When I restart it one more time,my 4'th core's usage becomong 95%.I have not tried x64 win 7 yet.
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