Just finished migrating to a Rosewill Thor V2

Let's start with what I had. I do have pictures, but my card reader decided to play dead for the time being and since this would have been the first time in over a year that I touched it; it probably won't get replaced. But words can describe the change.

Sunbeam Transformer (2008) That thing "was" a beast of a full tower. First system in it was an E8400 with a giant Gemin II cooler with 2 120mm's bolted to it. That case at the time was one of the giants that ran under $100 and was a decently performing case. With my components, I don't think I did much to bad with it. However, after small drilling here and modification there; I just wanted something new to play with.

i7-2600K @ 4Ghz cooled with a Zalman CPnS9500A, Usually idled around 30-32C and max loads were in the low 60's with offset voltages of -0.100v. Not to shabby.

ASRock P67 Extreme6 motherboard and the northbridge usually spent it's life between 30-35C depending on the load and ambient temperatures. I'm not sure if it's just the nature of this board, but it never seems to really heat up!

Two Asus GTX 550Ti DirectCU II video cards both clocked to 1Ghz from the stock 910Mhz they came from also with a decent memory clock addition. Usually the top card hovered from 33-37C at idle and would occasionally pass 70C during heavy gaming like Metro2033 or BF3. Bottom card was about identical while subtracting 5C or so off the temperatures.

That case had 5 case fans, 3 80mm (2 on door and one up top), 2 120mm's one in the front of the drive bay on the bottom and one right behind the CPU like most cases. Usual case temperature was around 2-3C above ambient and I don't think that's too bad. Other note, powered with an Antec 850w Quattro power supply which usually wasn't much for heat.

Now, I've migrated to this new case and a new CPU cooler. First, this case sports 3 230mm fans, one in the front, one up top, and one on the side panel right beside the video cards. I've heard a thousand times about how the Hyper 212+ isn't going to fit in my case with tall ramsinks, but I did the measuring and the Silverstone 110CFM fans I purchased "should" fit right in. Actually, they fit with about 0.5mm to spare! So the Hyper 212+ has two silverstones attached to it and they are on one of this case's fan controllers. Behind the CPU cooler is a fourth fan that came with the unit, a 140mm.

Now I know the CPU temperatures may not count for much since I have a new and a LOT better cooler. But I'll list them anyways.

Processor is still at 4Ghz as I don't need more than that. However, it literally idles as 1-3C higher than ambient temp of the room. I know it's getting a good feed and this is with those two fans at a mere 1100rpm. The north bridge actually sticks right around the same temperature as the processor does at an idle. Video cards, they've dropped a little on the idle side themselves but only a degree or two.

Fully loaded, the north bridge still sees a small increase in temperature; but usually only 3C. Processor, well I can't get it to break into 60C for the life of me with this cooler unless I power the fans down completely. Full on fans though, it usually ends up at about 55-58C on IntelBurnTest. The most impressive thing however, the video cards have actually dropped about 5C in general for the both of them while playing Metro2033. I was really impressed with that, since I didn't figure that 230mm fan could toss the air those small high RPM 80mm's did. I guess I was wrong on that part.

Overall, for the pricetag of $164 shipped to my door, the case, Hyper 212+, and my fans with two LED bars for the inside; definitely worth it. The biggest difference between the two cases aside from the Thor having so much better wire management and space, when I slow these fans down and leave the bigger ones up; it's quiet enough to hear the PSU fan! I haven't heard that fan since I first built this system! The space is absolutely unbelievable and literally there is at least two inches from the bottom of my motherboard to the PSU. There's enough wire hiding holes to make even the cleanest installer jealous, and the HDD bays are setup for just about anything. I had a LOT of fun migrating to this new case (as I always have loved building my systems and a new case is just a perfect reason to build and tinker), and if you're even looking into a big full tower... I'd 100% recommend this to anyone out there. The only issue I had was the 8-pin power for my motherboard; bit of a stretch to reach and I have to order an extension for it if I want to hide it a little better. But beyond that; everything is perfect with this case. I've had quite a few cases over the years including a couple Antec and Thermaltake cases. This thing is definitely on part for quality; and for what it is, I think it's probably the best for the price of under $100. I was able to snag this monster for a mere $89.99 with free shipping for the holidays. And on the link I'm going to share, it looks as if it's back to $129. For that price; I'd still say it's quite a steal.
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  1. i would have to agree that this is a quality case with great cooling options especially for the price as i have just completed my build few hours ago and have discovered that i could not reach with my PSU also lol. I luckly had a smaller vid card so i could stretch the cable enough to post up and install MY OS and download everything but will have to get an extention cable to make the last connection to complete my build. otherwise this case has delivered admirably as i got it for 69.99 on black friday sale .
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