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Hi Tomshardware peeps,

For the last few weeks there was a loud buzzing sound coming from the area of the PSU, I didn't think too much of it first but then I noticed when the buzzing would kick in and cut out - it got much much worse whenever there was a heavy graphical load on whatever game I was playing at the time - especially when there was heavy post processing taking place.

I replaced it with a new Sharkoon WPM600 600W PSU and the difference (to me) seems extraordinary, I swear fps are increased, no slow downs, incredibly 'snappy' responsiveness.

My question is: is it really possible for a new PSU to have such such effects, and equally, a PSU going bad to screw stuff up like that? Was it really worth swapping it out or am I imagining it?

My rig:

i5 2500k @ 4Ghz
80Gb SSD / 500Gb HD
Old 500W Tagan PSU replaced with Sharkoon WPM600

Thanks, Chris
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  1. You did right by changing out the power supply unit, old unit could have done damage to other components. Have not had any experience with Sharkoon products so I can not comment on quality.
  2. The PSU powers your entire system. If it is not stable, it can affect..destroy parts. So yes, a bad PSU can do all kinds of bad stuff. Never skimp on the PSU.
  3. Yes. Computer parts often throttle when they do not have enough power from the PSU.
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