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I won this EVGA GTX 560 from a videogame a while back but it seems i'm the unlucky one that has a broken card. In the first 2-3 days i didn't have any problems with the card or anything like that and then the card started acting really weird like i started seen some small artifacts i think in Diablo 3, then i started to get a pink screen with some small white lines randomly while playing World of Tanks... and now i was browsing the web having nothing opened other then the browser and then i started getting the pink screen again that lasted for 5 seconds the it refreshed and it came back to the normal color. I`m starting to think that the memory on the card is broken cos i had similar problems with a AGP Nvidia card and on that one the memory was damaged completely. Any advice's on what to test before i start getting really paranoid? Already did check for artifacts with that ATI TOOL and left it for about 1h and i had no errors so what to do now?

The pink screen is something like this:

But the image is clear in the background only the color is pink and the small lines are from the background image. I got a similar error while browsing the web but that was for like 5 seconds and then the screen refreshed
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  1. I never had similar problem so what I am suggesting are just wild guesses.
    1. Make sure the video cables are tightly connected ( this happens when my laptop gets loosely connected to a projector ).
    2. If #1 do not work, try other cables...
    3. Try other ports from the video card or monitor.
    4. Try other monitors if you have extra.
    Hope this helps...
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