How to reduce PSU "noise?"

I'm in a rather tight spot.

I'm building a custom PC that HAS to be a slim mATX supporting case. I found one on

Here's the link:

It comes with a 275 Watt power supply, which is stock, that I'm going to replace. I found one that has good reviews except for the fact that some say it is loud. Here's the link:

Now this begs a few questions. I've read a few articles that say this PSU will support mATX boards; Newegg says mini ITX boards. I'm not too familiar with ITX boards, but they clearly have to support the same processors. My assumption is that it will work as long as it has the correct connections. Am I correct in that reasoning?

Also is the issue of noise. The computer will not eat the 400 watts that the PSU has been shown to provide. Although it is a slim case, it will be well ventilated. My hope is that being that the PSU will probably only be used at 50% of its max, the noise will be at minimal. Does load typically have an impact on the "noise" a PSU produces?

I should also note that the PSU is a flex ATX.

Any help is appreciated.
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  1. You are correct. It just means it will fit in a case with mini ITX.

    PSU's of a more expensive nature generally have fans that change speed depending on heat and load. However on such a brand that's not well know it will probably just run at full speed the whole time which will be noisy because it's such a small fan.
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