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hey guys i already have a 5830 and i can do crossfire on my board but am i best off getting another 5830? or i been told by nova tech to go for a gtx 560 ti is this card going to be loads better than 2 5830s?
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  1. i may not know that much about the 5xxx series but i think that the GTX 560ti wouldnt loads faster if anything it might be slower, ill have a look for some benchies and reply in a sec :P
  2. HD5830 CF is the faster solution, but will use more power and produce more heat and noise.

    I would say if you can get the second HD5830 cheap and your main priority is performance then go for the HD5830.
  3. what wood be a good card to get if i was to get rid of my 5830 or that wood run as fast as the 2 5830s and not to pricey. cheers
  4. whats your budget? , where do u live?,

    so far i would recommend a HD7870 , also if im not mistaken the HD78xx series was ment to be a upgrade for people using the HD58xx series.
  5. budget about £170 live in uk portsmouth
  6. sorry, bout the late reply ive been tied up with work, ill hav a look soon and see what i can find
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