Noisy cooling fan in pc cabinet

I have PC desktop C2D based
Problem that i am facing is with fan noise. This fan is fixed in cabinet for cooling
Whereas other fans on processor and in PSU are working fine and smoothly;y
I had cleaned the desk top CPU cabinet as well fan blades to remove all deposited fine-dust.
But still the fan under discussion is noisy

If I start / restart my desk top couple of times, the noise disappears.

Could there be a chance of electronic malfunction?

Please help

Thanks / Jassy
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  1. It's probably spinning faster as your PC heats up over time. Turning it off will give it a chance to cool until the heat builds up again.
  2. If the fan is connected to your mobo and controlled through bios you could try a program like speedfan to set a custom curve on said fan, to control how fast it spins in relation to system temps
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