Intel Q9400 CORE 2 QUAD. Wont overclock.

Hi all.
My current setup is:
Intel Q9400 @ 2.66GHz. -- WITH STOCK FAN.
16GB DDR3 1333MHz.
ATi 4650 HD 1GB DDR2 :\
500 GB Sata drive.

So with this setup i am unable to overclock at all. Ive tried a lot but no luck. Even if i overclock from 2.66 to 2.8ghz or 2.9ghz it will crash after 10 minutes. Not very stable. Also if i overclock , will i lose my custom DRAM Timing (CAS/RAS etc.) because this makes the memory work. Could it be voltages ? Could it be the fan? My fan isnt going over 1950 rpm with Prime95 going.
PS. Im trying to overclock CPU not memory ;)

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  1. Stock cooler = Poo. That's the biggest problem there. I had a Q6600 for a few months; that thing wouldn't overclock to 2.66Ghz stable with a halfway decent Zalman. You need to get CPUID and watch the temperatures on the chip. It's most likely overheating and crashing out. My personal motto, Stock cooling means stock speeds.
  2. My Core temps vary from 75°c to 85°c whilst fan from 1800rpm to 2000rpm.
    do you reckon this will do the job?

    The hyper 212 is a better cooler; just bear in mind that it is pretty big. Those core temps are pretty high though. My 2600k with the Hyper 212 is clocked to 4.2Ghz and honestly; I hardly ever get a temperature over 60C and that's with IntelBurnTest which is known to get a processor hotter than ANY typical type of usage. Plus the Hyper 212 can be had for a cheaper premium. I suggest; if you have the room in the case and on the motherboard to have two fans on the 212 as well.
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