LECTEUR DVD Matshita de Dell inspiron n5040

Bonjour tout le monde: mon lecteur Matshita de mon pc portable dell inspiron n5040 ne peut plus lire ou graver ou jouer les cds DVD mais il lit les cds 760mb .Ou est le problème ? que faire ? Merci par avance pour votre aide
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  1. I vaguely understand French and what you just said but cannot reply in kind.

    Cd's are 750mb and dvd's are 4.7gb.

    What happens when you put a CD in? Maybe you need some different software.
  2. thank youfor having answered. The problem is that when i insert a dvd cd ( 4,7 GB) in the drive to play it , the cd is not read and the title of its content does not show , also when to burn a dvd cd , the drive automatically open the tray and a msg appears asking me to insert an empty " unwritten " THOUGH IT IS UNWRITTEN . this problem does not happen when the cd is one of 760 mb. By the way, the driver of the drive is already updated . THANK YOU SO MUCH.
  3. Maybe you are using a type of disc your drive doesn't support. Maybe it is only a CD drive so it doesn't recognize DVD's.
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