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Hi guys

I am going to be getting a alienware X51 but I just need to help on picking the processor. I play quite a lot of games including project reality which is a mod for battlefield 2 I also play planetside payday. So I really need a good around gaming processor and the two that I can't choose between are

The i5 3450 (6M cache, up to 3.5GHz)
The i7 3770 (3.40GHz, 8MB L3 cache, 4C)

Yeah as I said it needs to be ready for some quite demanding games.

Thanks for you help in advance
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  1. I would tell you that alienware is a massive waste of money and massively better systems can be built for the money.

    Do they do an i5 3570k?

    You don't need more than an I5 for games but having one you can overclock is a huge benifit.
  2. Yeah I know but I'm not paying for it lol and no they don't its just them two
  3. Well then no more than an i7 is needed for gaming. Rendering and video editing would benefit from the i7 however.
  4. Build it yourself. You will easily have $1000 left over. That said i7's are a waste of money for gaming.
  5. I would be doing so video editing and rendering aswell
  6. In that case you will see some benefit using the 3770. If it is worth the extra $300 alienware charges for it to you is another question. I can't stress this enough: Build it yourself.
  7. I know a lot of people are saying that but one it's not my money the person buying it for me has said just get an alienware and two cba lol
  8. go for the i5.

    to the muppets that keep saying "dont buy alienware". i agree when it comes to laptops and full blown towers but find me a chassis thats the same size and supports a duel slot GPU.
  9. Do you not have a mate who could do it for you?

    Alienware looks nice but their build quality isn't great and their prices are insane.

    Please get someone else to do it or do it yourself. It take an hour or even 2 if you are slow but then you know your system is well put together and you will love it all the more.
  10. Aha sorry guys I won't be building it the persons wants the all the support things it comes with. Sorry
  11. Have a local business build it, should be much cheaper and easier to get support locally.
  12. try originpc. Search in google.. far better than alienware
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