Radeon 6670 Chart Confusion

I am in the market for a Radeon 6670, but I am confused about the TH's chart.
I am looking at the 2012 chart,135.html
and 2011 chart,123.html

Just comparing 6670, there are some that are significantly faster than other 6670 cards. The 6670 cards that are faster all draw about 20 watts more than the slower 6670 cards (according the to 3D Draw Peak Power category).

Yes, I understand that the DDR5 versions are significantly faster than the DDR3 versions.
However, there are some DD5 cards show up on the slower version of the 6670.

For example...
Looking at the 2011 chart, 6670 cards manufactured by Sapphire. According to the chart all the Sapphire 6670 used for comparison are stated as DD5 versions. When I look up these models on Sapphire's website, they all have identical specs (clore clock, memory clock, etc, etc)... but on TH's chart, some of these (like Sapphire's Ultimate passive version) is significantly slower than Sapphire's low-profile version. Yet, they have the exact same specs.

Then when I look at the 2012 charts, and it some of the 6670 cards drawing about 20 watts more than the other 6670 cards. Some of the higher power drawing cards are DDR5 and some DDR3. Out of the lower power consuming 6670 cards, some are the same exact spec DDR5 cards... and some oare DDR3.

This is very confusing. If there was a specific pattern like DDR5 cards draw more power but are also faster, then it would make since. But the readings are not consistent.

I know a single fan on a card does not draw 20 watts. So why are there some 6670 cards from the same exact manufacturer with the same specs drawing 20 watts more than and running faster than other 6670 from the same manufacture with the same specs?
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