Home Build - $500 max

I'm trying to design my self a very cheap build with some specific requirements. Can't seem to get the price down or what I would need like a psu for future use.
NO Monitor
NO Speakers.... pretty much just the computer part but I do need and OS
I really want to have a motherboard and processor that I won't need to upgrade(cpu preferably AMD) and the mobo needs to be crossfireX compatible. I need it to run things like BF3 while recording.
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  1. for $500, that may be a bit of a tall order.

    What resolution are you running on your monitor?

    $500 including OS can probly manages a Llano 3870K w/. a 6670 in hybrid crossfire. Which will do BF3 at decent FPS (30-45) on low settings at 1600x900
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    Honestly this is such a good deal I am thinking about buying it just to have some spair parts for when someone wants a build...

    Kit: 234.99
    HD: 69.99
    Video Card: 134.99
    Monitor: 129.99
    Keyboard and Mouse: 16.99
    Speakers: 24.99
    OS: Get the Release Preview of Windows 8. It is free right now untill the end of this year, and it offers about 10% better performance in games.

    If you have a little more you want to spend, get another stick of that ADATA RAM and call it a day... if your really wanting to get crazy get a 7850... But honestly the build as is will do anything you want it to realistically.
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