Can this run minecraft?

Given a little budget to upgrade a friends pc and he needs to be able to play minecraft (and few other games) and record for youtube.

ram: 4 gb
graphics card: 1 gb ddr3 gf 210

just need a little advice on a cpu: athlon 2 240e or athlon 2 250, can someone tell me which is better and by how much it is better?
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  1. First off, minecraft would be fine on just about anything...

    What is the budget your wanting to spend?
  2. the 250 should be better(albeit the whole system is still sorta on the weak side, as the gpu is even weaker than hd2000 integrated graphics)
  3. hes only given me £80 to work with so im trying to get lucky with some bids on ebay
  4. Good luck on your endeavor, ebay can be a really busy place with cheap used hardware
  5. So that is about $100-$120 USD...

    Well I would do this,

    Motherboard: 49.99
    CPU: 59.99
    RAM: 14.99

    This is right above your price range, and I would look for 2 sticks of RAM, but overall this is a good build that will give you some decient performance. You might be able to find all of this on ebay at the right price.

    TOTAL: $124.97
  6. @above, hes from UK. tigerdirect i dont think ships to UK
  7. Once again, its a refrence... he was also going to buy the stuff on EBay...
  8. Ask for more money. Other than that, try to get a phenom if you can find a cheap one. Minecraft really hurts the CPU.
  9. I would go with a APU honestly, Phenoms would be a little overkill for minecraft... Any of the A6's could handle it, and I think a A4 could as well.
  10. Thanks for suggestions guys, i will try get him to bump up the budget for me lol
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