Graphics card showing distorted images.

Hello forum,

A month ago, i bought a NEW XFX 8800GT on ebay.Yes it is new i confirm it.It has a large xfx cooler on it,not a small like the ones on the alpha dog edition.

As the cooler was large enough with a 90mm fan on it,i decided to overclock it as soon as i got it.

I clocked it to like from 600 - 700Mhz core / 1900-1950 mem / 1500 - 1760 shaders.

All worked fine , even with battlefield 3 ran up for 4 hours.

I live in India, temperature are going up.Today my room temperature was 45*C. I keep a check on my pc temps.
My q6600 goes upto 60* max on load and 45*c on idle.

My 8800gt goes to 75* max and 60* idle.

Suddenly all of a sudden when i was trying to start up battlefield 3,the game would crash on the load screen.After 2 tries
, to my horror , the system wont respond and i see strange distorted images on screen (battlefield loading but distorted).

Im a collage going student,i cant afford a new card for a long time as i already spent my funds on this card (got it for $60).

How do i fix this problem? Does the oven fix really work? and for how long will the oven fix do me?

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  1. p.s there is no problem with colours, only bad images,pc wont boot after windows logo screen now.but runs fine on mobo graphics card
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