Radeon HD 6870 1GB vs radeon 6850 2gb

single monitor
amd phenom 2 x2
which is better card please tell 6870 1gb or 6850 2gb
want to play games with higraphics and future games not planing to go crossfire.
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  1. 6870 1gb is better. You probably won't encounter many situations where you need extra vRAM while you can always use more GPU horsepower.

    If you were gaming at a higher resolution then the 2GB would help.
  2. Got the sam6870 but my 2.8 Ghz AMD Phenom II x6 1055T was a major bottleneck and it limited the Graphics Card from running at 100% needed a Overclock. Just a heads up
  3. @chetan, 6870 is good enough for 1080p. 6850 with 2 GB becomes a little irrelevant because it's a slow card, and wud never cross 1 gb of VRAM in any games. Thus, its better if u go for 6870.
    And maybe sapphire or MSI, if u r living India, like me ;).
  4. The HD6870 is the stronger of the 2 GPUs. As jsrudd indicates, you likely won't need the additional video memory at the resolution you are gaming at.

    Kind of like comparing 2 cars, one with a more powerful engine and the other with a bigger gas tank. If speed is your primary concern, get the car with the more powerful engine.

    Both are good choices. Have fun!
  5. 2gb is a waste for a single 6800 card.

    If you were running 3 or 4 6850's, then the 2gb version would make more sense.
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