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Graphics card showing distorted images.

Hello forum,

A month ago, i bought a NEW XFX 8800GT on ebay.Yes it is new i confirm it.It has a large xfx cooler on it,not a small like the ones on the alpha dog edition.

As the cooler was large enough with a 90mm fan on it,i decided to overclock it as soon as i got it.

I clocked it to like from 600 - 700Mhz core / 1900-1950 mem / 1500 - 1760 shaders.

All worked fine , even with battlefield 3 ran up for 4 hours.

I live in India, temperature are going up.Today my room temperature was 45*C. I keep a check on my pc temps.
My q6600 goes upto 60* max on load and 45*c on idle.

My 8800gt goes to 75* max and 60* idle.

Suddenly all of a sudden when i was trying to start up battlefield 3,the game would crash on the load screen.After 2 tries
, to my horror , the system wont respond and i see strange distorted images on screen (battlefield loading but distorted).

Im a collage going student,i cant afford a new card for a long time as i already spent my funds on this card (got it for $60).

The card does not boot after the windows logo,and no colour error is there,just distorted images.

How do i fix this problem? Does the oven fix really work? and for how long will the oven fix do me?

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    As temperatures rise your power supply becomes less and less efficient - at if your ambient temperature is 45C (friggin hot ambient) I would suspect your PSU is having a hard time efficiently giving power to your components.

    Tell us what your Power supply is. Mode name, wattage, etc.

    I also highly suggest not using the oven "trick". The fumes are highly dangerous, as well if you do not do it correctly you can really muck things up.

    Edit: You also might have royally screwed up your GPU by overclocking it. Have you tried checking your connections from your screen to tyour computer to make sure it's not loose? a distorted image can be caused by a loose connection.
  2. Hey , thanks for the reply, i have some cheap 450W psu with 18A on the 12v rail.

    Its 70% efficient psu.

    My specs are :

    2gb ram
    asrock mobo
    250 gb
    dvd drive.

    8800gt is rohs compilant

    A new card shouldnt die out like that should it?

    And can you or anyone else on the forum explain to me what the hell is actually happening in my gpu?

    Many vids and forums confirm that baking does indeed fix it.

    Can i fix it by any means? i cant even rma it or replace it as i bought it on ebay and no customer support by xfx in india.

    I cant throw away and buy a new card, i dont have money so im desperte to fix it.

    If nothing comes out i may have to bake it =(
    BF3 is on double xp this weekend, so a fast reply will help =)

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