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Need advice on building new computer

Is this a good build for a casual gamer?

Any advice or input we be much appreciated :)
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  1. Go with a better grade power supply and add a ssd for a boot drive. Corsair, Seasonic, or Antec are good power supplies, Samsung or Crucial are good SSDs.
  2. Thanks for the help! I updated with your suggestions. What you think?
  3. Well that seems good. Where are you from ? Why purchasing from amazon ?
  4. oklahoma and it seem like the chip est way
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    Well consider other sites.


    Vs Amazon 1010$

    A nice save :D
  6. It would be about 950 with the battery and extra 4gb ram, But thanks! This site seem really neat and helpful. One thing i like about Amazon though is they have a finance option.
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  8. prototype18 said:
    Well consider other sites.


    Vs Amazon 1010$

    A nice save :D

    ^ I met to do best answer to this, but I think i did it to my last post. Lol i'm still getting use to this site.
  9. I have a similar build and it's great :P

    8GB dual channal Ram, 9 bucks more
    slightly better future proofed
  11. Thank you :)

    Good luck with your build !
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