Installation Of Evo 212

Hi guys,
I am still puzzling about the degree of my CPU i5 2500k. It's not constant , idling it will be around 30 degree which i think is normal but when comes to gaming, the 4 cores gain around 39 - 44 degree then i play on for a longer time testing it out and the weird thing starts to happen. T first core get heated to 70-71 degree while other stays at 40-42 why is it getting to 70 after a longer period?

My spec : asrock extreme 3 gen 3
Intel i5 2500k (not overclock yet)
msi hawk ti 560
Coolermaster evo 212 turbo
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  1. Did you wipe off the old thermal paste?

    Did you remember to apply (new) thermal paste?

    Form factor?

    Is the case clean?

    Where do you live? In a hot place or not?

    Is the heating on full-blast?
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