Critcal Problem with 470GTX

Why did my post like this one get deleted?

Anyways I'm having a problem with my video-card usually when i stress my video card with anything it passes everything good and all but after i exit or it stops my display freezes and some kind of pixelized blocks appear for like 5 seconds then display goes black and resumes back to normal or sometimes it freezes/crashes and doesn't resume this sometimes happens while playing games does the same thing.

I ran HW Monitor on it and the fan speed seems stable and working 1300-1600 RPM and the temperature seems average as always max 76c degrees and when idle its 38-40c degrees

So ways I've tried fixing it at first i just tried dusting it took off heat sink, fan, everything left it naked. So i cleaned all the dust with a dust blower cleaned the heat sink and fan with a brush left it almost like new so i tested and it passed stress test without doing it anymore played game everything went well but then days pass it starts happening again so this time i tried changing thermal paste on GPU then i tried it same again worked well for a few days then it started again... so this time i took all apart and i got a heat gun turned it up to 600f degrees and i blew each side (waited 20 minutes each side to cool down) melting all the components was mostly circling each VRAM and the GPU thinking maybe some kind of solder work cracked and was malfunctioning so after i finished with each side connected it back did the same and it worked but then again it started happening again would exit games and bam after i exit game get those like pixelized boxes and would freeze my display...i've tried everything i can think of...i need some help :/
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  1. You gotta put some flux around all the parts you want to reflow.
  2. i did put flux :)
  3. no one has any ideas? :/
  4. *bump* I'm still having this problem after all this time :/
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