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I am struggling to fix my wifes computer and I am starting to get frustrated. It had the exact same problem before and all I had to do was either update the display driver or roll it back. She has a Compaq Presario CQ50 running windows vista and Nvidia GeForce 8200M G version and at startup it will show the windows booting just fine but then the display turns off. I can still hear the sounds from startup going and if i start randomly press button i can hear it selecting different programs and running just fine but the display is simply turned off. Safe mode works perfectly and I have pulled it up to adjust the drivers but it doesnt seem to be working. HELP!!!
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  1. So I dont know if its a complete fix or what but I uninstalled the driver, reinstalled it, rebooted, and it still had the problem. I then reset the battery (pull out the power cable and battery then hold the power button for two minutes) and when I turned it on again it seems to be working. My concern is that this isnt a new problem for this computer, it comes back every few months and if this isnt a real fix i want to know how to fix it so i dont have to deal with it again in another couple of months
  2. What OS are you running? Reason I ask is I had a issue with a geforce 9600 driver in XP the native 1080 res did the same thing. All other lower res were fine. Upgraded to Win 7 and the problem went away. All started when we tried a dual monitor setup. Never really tracked down the exact cause. May not help directly but it may put you in the right direction.
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