Nividia 8800gt Problem

Hello, I have recently ran into a problem with my computer. It happened the day diablo 3 game out. i was playing and all of a sudden my monitor shut off and wouldnt turn back on. It said No signal input. I have replaced the monitor and cables and it still does it. i have also took apart my computer and cleaned it.
So with my computer knowledge (which isnt alot) i am guessing it is the video card? but if anyone could help me with this it would be great.
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  1. Does the PC turn on aside from the video? Fans, lights, etc...?

    If the PC turns on, try a different video card. 8800 cards like to cook themselves.

    Hope you did not buy a new monitor before this but just borrowed one.
  2. +1 hang-the-9 but the 8800 is getting old and probably died because of diablo III :P
  3. Ya the computer itself still runs when it freezes like that
    I did not buy a new monitor haha i actually own a couple extra.
    And thanks guys i have been running some temp reading stuff int he back ground and it gets up to 90 degress celsius with the case closed....
    and with case open and diablo running with a box fan pointed at it it is at 85 at some times anywhere from 76 to 85. What should i do?
    is it the video card itself the power supply?

    Also i have an HP is can i just replace the card or no?
    or am i going to need to buy a whole new computer?
  4. You can try to remove the heatsink and re-apply some new compound on the chips.

    If you put an 8800 in there, you should be able to run pretty much anything. If you have a decent spec system you can go with a nVidia 560 for a bit under $200, or with a Radeon 6790 for $50 less.
  5. why dont you switch on your computer and hear for any beep which means hardware failure....
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