6570 DDR5 or 6670 DDR3?

Hello, i m looking to purchase a GPU for some moderate gaming on 1024x768 resolution. I can get the HD 6570 DDR5 or HD 6670 DDR3 for about the same amount of money.
I would like to know which of the above mentioned cards will give better performance at 1024x768 resolution for games such as Skyrim, Witcher 2, Oblivion, Shogun 2 and StarCraft II. My other specs would be an Athlon II x4 631 and 2x2gb of ddr3 1600MHz RAM.
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  1. the 6670 will give better performance but will struggle with high settings.
  2. The 6670 DDR3 is faster than the 6570 GDDR5 (GDDR5, not DDR5, there's no such thing as DDR5 yet).
  3. They'll probably be about the same, but at your resolution I wouldn't worry about the vRAM. Get the 6670.
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