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So I recently installed an EClaro sound card and upon going to hook up my front panel connection noticed that the 10 pin connection has all 10 pins.

Now, I work in IT but have only recently started dealing with sound cards. My mobo has the typical 10 pin connection as well with 1 pin missing for the key. This card, however, does not.

I looked on their site just to make sure I read it correctly and they state it is a "standard 10 pin connection" with this picture - This is not what mine looks like.

I'm at a loss here and thought maybe I needed some sort of converter which to my knowledge doesn't exist. So my two thoughts are this...

1) This is an older connection that I was just unaware of and I'm pretty much up the creek as far as using my front panel with this card or...

2) This was some sort of manufacturing oversight and I can just trim the extra pin off and continue on my merry way (not something I want to do without being 100% sure on).

Keep in mind I have emailed them several times with no response.
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  2. For anyone who runs into the same issue and sees this, last night I just took a needle and punched through the key slot on my front panel connection so the 10th pin (the one I don't think is supposed to be there) would just fit in there since there are no wires connected to it.

    Worked like a charm. Not sure what purpose that pin serves (if any) but it wasn't relevant to my setup.

    Thanks to Brett928S2 for all your insightful help.
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