Will the i3 slow me down?

Hi, I was just wondering if the i3 3240 would slow me down at all in programs like After effects & Photoshop. I do things like digital painting in Photoshop so I will be working with some big file sizes and also rendering in After Effects. Would it be able to run the programs smoothly and without crashing?

My specs,

CPU: Intel core i3 3240

GPU: 2GB GTX 650ti


HDD: 1TB 7200rpm
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  1. Yes you will be able to run them smoothly and crash free.
    These programs require a PC that's a fraction as powerfull as yours so don't worry you'll be fine.

    As for holding back... yes.Every CPU will "hold you back" because even with a 16 Core 32 Thread Xeon system things still won't happen instantly.
  2. okay then, thanks :)
  3. ^^^

    As long as the 3rd and 4th core can be utilized.
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