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D3: Grey Screen before Intial game launch.

Hello Forum Members!

I have a GTX680 with the latested drivers. I play at 2560x1440 in Full Screen Windows mode with the highest possible Graphics settings. While I have no issues while gaming I do have a question.

While I click on the D3 game Icon, you are promted to "launch" the game. Once i hit the "Play" button on the Blizzard game launcher I get a Grey Blank Screen for 2-3 seconds before the actual game log-in screen is avaiable.

Wondering if any of you have this issue? I do NOT get a ERROR warning message or anything. I have asked my fellow D3 players and none seem to having this initial "Grey Screen" before the acutal game log-in screen.

Any thoughts or personal experience would be grealy appericated!

Note: System specs are on my Signature.


If your wondering why I play in Full windows mode: I have 1920x1080 IPS monitor on order from dell to run 2D applications on the side while playing. =) I want to be able to mouse over to the next screen.
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    Seems like a very minor issue (although of course annoying).

    To me - it sounds like a driver issue. Have you tried rolling back to an older version 1 step back?

    Did you upgrade from an AMD card? If you did, there might be remnants of the AMD drivers in your system possibly causing that issue.

    I don't have that issue with mine - although im using an AMD card.

    What happens if you try the game in Full screen mode? Does it do the same thing? Just to test it out.
  2. I also get a grey screen for 2-3 seconds when launching D3, Full Screen Windowed mode, and I have a 2nd monitor, like you. The only difference is that I have an nvidia 285.

    Its probably just a driver issue or something, so I haven't taken any steps to try to fix it.
  3. hey guys. thanks for all your replies. I tried in full screen mode and the grey screen doesn't show! when i switch back to windows mode or full screen windows mode its does it again. I guess i have to wait for a driver update if it fixes this issue at all. I hate alt-tabbing so i guess i will have to leave with it...sigh*

    or anyone else have any suggestions?
  4. Same issue, i am running a fx8120, crosshair motherboard and Asus 6870. fresh install windows 7 and updated drivers AMD 12.4

    Probaby a issue with drivers, "its a new game" wait a few weeks before it gets ironed out.
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  6. Glad to hear from forum memebers that I'm not the only one. =)

    Thanks for all your help!
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