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I'm trying to gauge how accurate this Belkin monitoring device is. Right now I'm registering about 315 watts. If I switch to "$ over 30 day" mode, it says, $7.91, and 365 days at $96.30. Now I'm just wanting to see how accurate that is based on my most recent electrical bill. I live in Santa Maria, California 93458.

So on with the pictures!

So basically again, how accurate is this Belkin device in relation to a real electrical bill, and is it within the realm of reasonable / realistic, or is it way off? I just hope to come out of this forum thread smarter and better able to understand the damned thing, lol. Thanks.

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  1. I'm not sure that the belkin unit will be able to accurately calculate the price in your area. You are paying several different rates, and I think the belkin unit is only capable of using one rate for the cost.
  2. I guess then I need to figure out what rate the Belkin is using, and if its anywhere close to the rates I'm paying. I are still clueless ;)
  3. Well at least we know that you know how to read. Enjoy the users manual... <evil grin>
  4. Well... comprehension is kinda choppy... it looks like the 315 watts could range from $8 a month at the lowest rate, to $23 a month at the highest rate. I have more investigating to figure out where the other $50 of the $70ish total amount above last month's billing period.

    I should have just made my own notes in notepad. :P
  5. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think if you assume 315W you could multiply it by 24 hours(a day) multiplied by 30(month), and you end up with about 227,000WH(227Kwh). I think this number is closer to what you're seeing in your bill.
  6. The unit is reasonably accurate in power measurements but cost you need to calculate manually.
  7. I totally suck at math etc. I wouldn't even begin to understand. Notice the quote under my profile pic.
  8. Dont forget to measure the power usage of your monitor(s) and speakers and factor those into your bill.
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