Surround Sound with Regular headphones?

I was about to pick up a gaming headset for the virtual surround but read around and saw that no special headset is needed. Most threads I've read through say to get a sound card but I was hoping to be able to use some of my existing mid-fi equipment to get it working. I don't currently have a dedicated sound card. I've been a member over at Head-Fi since high school and have a decent setup for my music listening. I'm only interested in the surround for playing BF3--a recent addiction. The computer is not used for movie viewing.

What is the best way for me get surround? What would sound best with my existing equipment?

Mobo: G1.Sniper m3
CPU: 3570k
Graphics: Gtx 680
Memory: 8gb

Audio Stuff:
Headphones: AKG k240, AT ESW9, Stax Lambda, Stax SR-30
Dac: JDS ODAC (usb)
Amps: Hotaudio Thunderbolt, SRM-1/mk2 (Stax)

Current setup:
USB->ODAC->one of the amps->headphones
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  1. You need some piece of equipment with Dolby Headphone support. SOME amps offer it as an option, so you'd have to check.
  2. By amps do you mean receivers? None of my headphone amps do decoding.

    Is the most common thing with Dolby Headphone support a sound card?

    If I got a sound card, should I still use the ODAC via usb? Would sound be better without it? Would I still need an amp to drive the headphones?

    I'm not very familiar with what sound cards do--are they decoders? amps? both?
  3. Well, a few things:

    1: Most soundcards support some form of Virtualization. Usually Dolby Headphone, though Creative uses CMSS-3D for the same effect.

    2: Some soundcards have a dedicated headphone amp built in. That would (in theory) remove the need for the amp and ODAC.

    There is an X-Factor here: I've heard a few people claim that BF3 doesn't work that well with Dolby Headphone. I can't speak personally (it seemed OK the one time I tried it) though. Might want to check up on that.
  4. Thanks for the help. I have a post in Head-Fi probing for ODAC surround possibilities.

    I just want to avoid buying more hardware for one FPS game.

    Will report back because if there is a solution, the ODAC would be a great budget alternative for gaming audiophiles.
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