Computer wont detect my GPU

Just built my new PC yesterday and i cant get it to recognize my installed GPU (radeon 6870 hd 1gb) it only read the intel family graphics or whatever, I have tried different things on the bios such as enabling virtu and setting it to both i and d settings, also my virtu control panel wont run and it gives me and error saying i have to wrong gpu configurations and to check my hardware/drivers. The GPU itself is fine i think the fan is running and everything. I just need to somehow get my computer to recognize it. Also i tried the AMD to install some drivers maybe i was missing and the auto detect program didn't recognize anything either.
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  1. remove the video card and try it on another system
  2. i dont have the resources to really do that
  3. do you have a friend somewhere that you can get him/her to test it?

    uninstall the drivers and reinstall it to make sure its a driver problem
  4. i installed the disk the GPU came with, how do i uninstall them
  5. Make sure you plug in the 6pin(x2) power cable to the graphic card.
  6. i noticed i only had one pci-e cable plugged into my pgu when there are two of them, my computer is running alot quiter now, should both be plugged in? when i plug in both nothing comes up on the moniter
  7. okay now i plugged into the DVI and i can see the screen it says i now have intel hd family and a standard VGA graphics adapter?
  8. you are supposed to plug both power connectors on the card or else it doesnt work
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