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I have a HD going bad on my desktop. It contains all the usual drivers for the motherboard, printers, etc. plus windows and my files. The drivers are my point. I can handle Windows and my files. How can I copy ALL from the old HD to my new HD? Or is there a location within Windows that holds all the drivers? If I can find that, I can copy that before I tear down the computer and install the new HD and Windows. Thanks for your time.
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  1. The easiest thing to do would be to use a program like Acronis to completely image the HDD, and drop that image onto the new HDD when you install it. This will put your new HDD to the same exact state it was when you imaged it. You won't need to re-install anything (drivers, OS, programs...)
  2. Hi

    If you have a bad hard disk you are not going to be able to copy every thing off. Trying may make things worse

    depending on how bad the problem is you may be advised to boot up from a rescue disk and copy files off
    [ over a network cable to another PC or onto an external drive of some sort ]

    or put the bad hard disk into another computer.

    I would not worry about drivers unless you have very old and unusual components.
    Most can be found on the internet.
    There are a few programs that claim to backup all your drivers but you need to do that while Windows and your hard drive is working

    The major hard drive manufacturers supply a image of a bootable CD diagnostic disk which will give you some clues how bad the problem is and can make temporary fixes if there are only a few bad sectors found. A Windows version is also available.


    Mike Barnes
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