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XFX vs TX650 vs Silencer MK III

Hi everybody, question regarding which PSU to choose;

Specs- i5-2500K, XFX DD HD7850, EVGA P67, 1TB HDD, 60GB SSD, 2x4GB Sniper RAM, Optical

When watts were calculated, turns out I only need ~420W unless I go CF or something, which is not anytime soon. I am also under a strict budget. With this said, which PSU would seem most efficient and suitable for my build?

XFX 550W --
TX650 (v1, not v2) --
PC P&C 600W --

Do note the PC P&C is a little out of my budget, even with the MIR+discount. Is it going to be that much superior over the other two? I was actually leaning towards the XFX 550W, since I won't be CFing anytime soon (will probably get a new PSU by the time I do) and it seemed adequate+cheap. And I'm not sure if I want the TX650 in v1 rather than v2.

Any help and insight would great. Thank you!
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  1. If it was the V2 then I would have suggested it... Buuuut... Since it isn't, get the XFX since its cheaper and of better quality, it meets what you need too. So go for it...
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    I know it seems like that Corsair TX650 that you linked to is the V1 version, as Newegg are listing the part number for that unit, but it is not the V1, because the V1 was not 80 Plus Bronze certified. Also if you look at the pictures, specifically the 4th one, spec label, then you will see the part number is 75-001315. Which means that it is the 'V3'.
    Review here:

    The PC Power & Cooling Silencer MK III 600W uses the same internal design as the XFX ProSeries 550W Core Edition, the only advantage it has that I'm aware of is modularity.

    To be clear your system won't consume anywhere near 420W, I suspect the calculator you used suggested a PSU wattage of ~420W. So you could use a 450W PSU and still be able to overclock and still have loads of room to spare.

    The XFX ProSeries 550W Core Edition is a good choice, but considering that these are the same price before rebate I would personally prefer them:

    Rosewill CAPSTONE-450 ($60 @ Amazon / $63 @ Newegg)
    Better than the XFX ProSeries 550W Core Edition because it is independantly regulated and has 80 Plus Gold efficiency.

    Rosewill HIVE-550 ($66 @ Amazon)
    Better because it is also indy regulated, and modular.
  3. XFX is better than those two rosewill psu, it has more amperage than the two and it's a better brand.
    For a 7850, any of those three(corsair,xfx,PC P&C)will do (even for crossfire) go for the cheapest and since you don't need much wattage go for the xfx 550w best price/quality.
  4. Xfx 650 W for 65$ @ ncix

    Its made by seasonic and can deliver up to 815W

    Just great
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