8 pin pcie cable for rocketfish 600w psu

I cant find a pcie cable for my rocketfish 600w psu. Ive looked all over the net and even called rocketfish and they dont have any. It has a unique 8 pin connector. can someone please help?
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  1. Hi

    do you mean the power supply does not have a PCIe 8 pin or 6 pin connector ?
    Or is it a modular PSU and you have lost the cable ?

    either way buy a new PSU or choose a lower powered GPU which will work with a molex to 6 pin PCIe adapter

    Mike Barnes
  2. Same. I don't have any of those for my Rocketfish 900w power supply. The one thing you could do is use a molex to pcie cable. That is what I am doing and it works just fine. My GTX 460 uses two six pin connectors. This is my advice.
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