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Hello, I've recently upgraded my Inspiron 570 from a Athlon x2 to a Phenom x4 965 BE to play planetside 2, and unfortunately the new heat sink doesn't fit my i570. The game is creating CPU temps up to 81 Celsius using the stock heatsink. I'm wondering how long I can run it at these temps until my new heatsink arrives in the mail?
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  1. 81 celsius? That is insane! My 965 BE reaches 55C max when doing World Machine 2 + Fallout 3 + Winrar.

    Sounds like you didn't clean off the old thermal paste or you didn't apply new stuff when you put the stock heatsink back on.
  2. I thought the same at first, I removed the heat sink, cleaned off the old grease, and reapplied but I'm still getting the same temps. I'm using the stock 95w heatsink from my i570 and used artic silver 5 for the compound. I'll try reapplying one more time with more paste.
  3. Been playing around witht he CPU. Tried cleaning the heat sink and re applying, but still having same problem. Interesting thing I've fond though, witht he side cover off, planetside 2 was at 67 degrees, but went up to 80 as soon as I put the cover on. I obviously have bad airflos in my tower and am considering reversing the tower fan to blow air into the machine and directly on the CPU
  4. If your problem still persists you need to change CPU cooler, as Phenom 965 is 125 watt CPU and just a few CPU coolers are proven to work nice in Inspiron 570 original case, post here or PM me if you need more info.
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