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My brother's computer is in dire need of an upgrade. He currently has a am2 motherboard with a Sempron CPU.
I want to give him an upgrade for Christmas. Ive chosen a Phenom ii processor but have no idea on what motherboard I should get. I need one that is a am3+ socket so I can get him a FX CPU later. What chip-sets are best for a phenom then a FX?

I don't really care if its a micro atx or just an atx but i'm trying to keep the price under 150$

Thank you! :)
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  1. I use the asrock 970 extreme3 and it has worked amazingly for about a year now running a 1.25 Ghz OC. The only substantial difference between the 970 and 990 is the 990 has full 16X bandwidth on both PCI-E slots for dual GPU set ups. The 970 has 1 X16 and 1 X8.
  2. ASRock 970 Extreme3, got one myself paired with an FX6300. Good value, very nice looking (in a windowed case).
  3. Thank you everyone!
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