Can i SLI?

Hello, i was wondering if it would be possible to run sli with a ASUS GTX 580 Direct CU II and a EVGA Geforce GTX 580 DS, running on a 750w Power Supply

Any help appreciated, Thanks in advance
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  1. Ah, my mobo supports sli and the power Supply is a Lepa B750 750w modular power supply
  2. It does have all appropriate cables to run multiple graphics card's
  3. kmanderson62, you'll be right on the edge trying that. Even a quality PSU isn't intended for this. A GTX 580 requires 244 watts so, x2 will be ~ 500 watts.

    If you have the $ for two GTX 580 then why not upgrade your PSU for peace of mind?
  4. As ct1615 points out, 750w would really be pushing it. An upgrade to the PSU would be seriously recommended.
  5. Allright, i think it would be better to play it safe, think a 850 would cut it? Or best to go up to a 1000+?
  6. You'll be fine at 750W. A little maths might clear things up. So, lets say two GTX 580's @ 500W + CPU @ 130W (Exaggeration unless you have an 8000 series FX, Socket 1366 i7, or SBE) + All other components @ <120W = less than 750.

    And this is an exaggeration. Lets be honest, when is a machine like that going to be under full load? VSync will rein the 580's in in all but the most brutal scenarios. You're not likely to be under full CPU load whilst gaming either.

    TL,DR: You'll be fine.
  7. Not to sure with it cutting so closely, dont want to risk anything with components this pricey
  8. Well, Thanks for the help guy's ill upgrade to a 1200w Modular PSU while im getting the card's

    Thanks again
  9. kmanderson62, unless you have some other reasons for choosing a 1200 watt PSU then I would suggest a less costly PSU such as a Corsair 850 watt like this...

    At most this...

    You don't need a 1200 watt PSU.
  10. Allright, There was a sale on overclockers and it worked in the same price as the Corsair Modular 850 power supply so i thought may aswell
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