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Hello i've been thinking about buying a new PC but i do not know which CPU i should buy u usually play games but i like to work with gfx software like photoshop cinema 4D that stuff.

and i have seen here a post about CPU's performance for gaming where AMD is in the 2nd position and intel's are higher, i wanted to know if an AMD FX 8320 3.5GHz 16MB BOX SKAM3+ is good for "multi-tasking" because as i said i like to play video games and work with that kind of software.

Also i am thinking of overclocking my CPU will that push it up to a 1st position :)
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  1. Yes it is very good at multi tasking , I have the 8350 and I think it's a very good CPU . Good value .
  2. i am only able to buy 8320 is it still very good for that + overclocked?
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