Haf xm, best fan configuration?!

As the title says what are the best fans to get and where to put them for optimal airflow. any help would be greatly appreciated :D
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  1. The case comes with some good fans (1x 200mm front intake,1x top 200mm exhaust and 1x 140mm rear exhaust) I'd just add one 200mm intake fan to the side panel. It's better to have more fans pulling air in than out of your case. Also a side panel intake fan really helps keep your gpu cool. Here's a good fan that will also match your red intake fan http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835103072&Tpk=cooler%20master%20red%20200mm
  2. thanks man, yeah i was looking at a megaflow for the side panel :)
  3. If you are planning on a pair of O/C graphic cards, maybe a side fan. Otherwise, you're good to go as is. My HAF 912 has a 200mm front, 120mm rear, plus a 140mm side to cool the 2 GTX 570's and nothing ever gets hot.
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