Can I upgrade power supply

Can I upgrade my power supply from 220 watts to anything else in my Acer Aspire X1430G desktop, I need to do that to upgrade my graphics card, which i need for gaming
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  1. If you have the money and space for the psu, i don't see why not, just remember to buy a psu from a quality brand like antec,xfx,seasonic,corsair,ocz.
  2. I don't think you can put a normal psu in that case. Read this
  3. It appears to have a Mini ATX PSU. Not going to get much more wattage out of this size of PSU but here is a 300 watt model from FSP.

    Consider not upgrading the PSU and getting either a Nvidia GTX 650 (non TI version) or a AMD 7750 as these are 45 watt cards which are right at max for your power supply.
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