Need help upgrading pleeeease

i recently just got my first gaming pc but i am already ready to upgrade. i am thinking i just need to upgrade my cpu and graphics cards. My current specs are:

amd fx 6100 six core 3.30 ghz
10 gigs ram
gtx 550 ti 2gb
1.5 TB hard drive

any input on better cpu's and a better gpu would be greatly appreciated. thanks
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  1. wouldn't worry about the cpu. got 6 cores........ no upgrade can beat that unless you do a ground up........... in 2-3 years or whatever.

    the gpu isn't great........ what is your monitor and resolution and what software ( specifically ) do you run ?
  2. its an old ass view sonic monitor lol i know i need a new one. what do u mean by software im running im not good with pcs so bear with me.

    its 1280 by 1024. and i mainly just use it for gaming. modernwarfare 3, skyrim, diablo 3, crysis... but it seems to run skyrim on high settings flawlessly but i keep hearing the card is crappy and i hear the cpu isnt very good but i figuerd it was since it was a six core
  3. games/ applications, etc. ( software )............. look in the device manager for the monitor...............

    google it
  4. You go a some what new CPU, GPU is blah, how much do you have to spend on the upgrades as well?
  5. i can prolly spend about 400 or 500
  6. get either a GTX 570 or a HD 7850
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