SX2855 Vid Card + PSU Upgrade

Ok so i looked around the forums and at gateways specs page for my model computer to try and figure out what kind of power supply i need so i can upgrade my video card.

The current Power supply is only 220 watt and I bought this Nvidia GT610 . It requires a 300 watt PSU. I found in the forums that the style PSU I need is ITX. I believe anyone of these would fit then,
but i have my doubts after reading some reviews.

So i was curious if anyone has done this and could point me to a perfect match. My other thought was I could buy another slim case for about the same price with a 300 watt PSU on-board already.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. You should be safe to run the gt610 with what you have, its about a 25w card.
    I have an ati 5670 running in my grandsons compaq that only has a 230w supply in it and its well over a year old now and still doing fine.
  2. Ok I guess Ill give it a whirl, see if it runs. Is there any possibility of damaging anything if its under powered/too much load. Will it just not boot if there is a problem?
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