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Hi guys.. looking for a bit of help on upgrading my CPU. Just wondering which of the few below will net me the most gain if any.. Also I'm open to suggestions on other CPU's as well if you have any in mind. Keep in mind that I know upgrading my motherboard to support intel ect will probably be the best route and all.. but for now I'm just hoping to get some expert opinions on what will work best for my current board.

Motherboard only supports AM3 processors up to a max of 95W TDP. I'm not sure if I could go over that and get a 125W without hurting my board or not. Right now I am using the AMD Phenom ll x4 840T CPU. Below are the options I was considering. Which one will give me the best performance boost for gaming?

My 840T is 2.9ghz, 2MB L2 cache, 6MB L3

Possible options for upgrading below:

Phenom ll x4 960T Black Edition -

Phenom ll x4 945 -

Phenom ll x6 1065T -
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