Installed new graphics card, nothing showing on monitors?

Ok well im trying to upgrade my video card. I previously had a HD 3850, and now im trying to install a HD 6770.

When i replaced the graphics card and turned on my unit, nothing posts on the monitors. I originally thought the card was DOA, so i exchanged it, and still expierencing the same problem.

I tried different monitors, as well as the HDMI port no luck. Also updated the drivers b4 installing the card.

Motherboard: m2a-mvp crossfire ready
Processor: athlon x2 black 6400+
PSU: 700w rosewill.

Any help?
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  1. go to amd web page see if you can update you mb chipset drivers. if there up to date and your using the blue pci slit it may be the mb chipset dont like newer gpu cards. if you have someone that got a nvidia card you can try and see if they work on your mb.
  2. i had a 550 ti before but it would get stuck at the "starting windows" screen so i exchanged it to the 6770. I will try udpating my chipset
  3. Try to put another card (could be your old one) to see if it still happens, also check that the pins are correctly attached to the PSU (it happened to me one with a gtx 460) . If all fails try to plug the card into another rig and if it doesn't work either ask for a return.
  4. no it doesnt happen to my 3850, and i really starting to think its my MB.

    My MB isnt even that old, idk why it wouldnt support the newer GPU.
  5. bump i exchanged the card for a 6750 thinking ddr3 would work as the 6770 was ddr5

    no luck. any help?
  6. if your using the black pci slot try the blue one. on most new mb the blue pci slot or white one near the top is the first pci video card slot.if not it the mb chipset being so old it cant handle the new video cards.
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