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Hello all,
I just finished my second build, i5 3570k, z77 sabertooth, 16gb ares gskill ram, evga geforce 670, ssd and hdd, 750w seasonic gold psu, cooler master 212 evo cooler. After much stress, I finally got it all put together, and it turned on fine with everything seeming to work OK, except it says there's a CPU fan error. I looked, and the cpu cooler fan is definitely spinning, so it must be drawing power.... any idea what could the error be? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I'm really bummed out about messing up this build.
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    ASUS bioses have fan speed warning setting. If you use a good cooler, it may not need to spin very fast and the motherboard thinks there is something wrong with it. You can go into the bios and set the fan speed it expects lower. As long as you can see the fan spinning and your temperatures are good, you've done nothing wrong (I've had the same issue with 2 builds) and have nothing to be bummed about
  2. Thanks a lot, this seemed to solve the problem!
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