2600K 4.5 GHz Temps Safe? | Edit: Crashed!!

So im running an Intel i7 - 2600k with a hyper 212+ (That i got today in the mail :D) and its overclocked to 4.5 GHz.

My Temps running Prime 95 for an hour.

67, 68, 69, 65

My Core Voltages Are 1.272-1.352

My Computer got a Blue Screen of Death? My temps didn't go much higher so does anyone know, could it be my voltage, and if so, can someone help me adjust voltage for my motherboard which is a MSI z77-G43
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  1. Thanks (: I think im gonna stick with 4 GHz, seems to be really stable with temps not going over 65 and voltages at 1.2-1.3 so im good
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