301.42 nvidia drivers and my 2 way SLI

Hi, im new here and firstly i must ask you sorry for my horrible written english.

I have a two way sli, but they are not from the same assembler. One is a Zotac 580 amp! (i had to update its bios) and the other is a Gygabyte gtx 580 super overclock. I would´ve preffer to have both from the same assembler but i bought them with a year of diference and the second one, the Gygabyte, was a low priced offer.

They are mounted in an Asus P6T deluxe 2 MB.

I had a great perfomance and no problems with the sli (BF· Skyrim, Diablo, Metro 2033, Crissis 2), both cards have same chip and memory. But three days ago i updated the nividia drivers from 296.10 (all perfect with it) to 301.42.

Now i cant run my SLI. all games experiment an extremely low framerate, nearly frezzy. The problem gets solved when i disable the sli.
I´ve tried many things and finally im using 296.10 drivers again.

I woud thank any help. Thanks anyway.
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  1. So reverted drivers work well right?
  2. yeah, old drivers work well. but id like to know why is this happening
  3. Maybe the newer drivers aren't stable?
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