Are these standoffs? What else could be wrong?

Hey there, so before assembling everything in the case for my first build I assembled the motherboard, PSU, CPU cooler graphics card and ram outside. When shorting the power on the motherboard, everything worked - monitor recieved signal and all fans went on. Yet after assembling it in the case, nothing would happen - no lights/fans even for the PSU I could not hear the fan. So I tried breadboarding again just now and they all seem to work. I'm assuming maybe I alligned the standoffs wrongly? Can I just check these are pre-installed standoffs in my case:

Top section:

Bottom Section:

Whole inside of case:

Am I right in saying I just align them and use normal mounting screws to screw the motherboard in? This is what I did last time.
Also what else could be wrong if it works outside the case but nothing seems to happen inside?

There's no speaker as a front panel connector that came with my case so I can't check if there are any beeps
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  1. Make sure that there aren't any extra stand-off's behind the motherboard, that could potentially short out something.The pre-installed standoffs look right for a standard ATX motherboard. Your board may be different though.

    Can you turn on the PC with the front panel button? Try connecting it while its bread-boarded and see if its just that button isn't working. Obviously the motherboard isn't at fault as the screwdriver method seems to be working.

    All I can think of is to assemble it in the case and systematically remove parts until it works. Maybe the PCI-E port is short circuiting and the current is passing through the graphics card and into the case. If it doesnt work at all, something is short circuiting the mobo.
  2. Thanks, I've just found I'm missing one motherboard screw that goes into the standoff, is it safe to use a different type?
  3. It should be fine. Just make sure that the screw head isn't so large that it contacts exposed metal/circuitry on the motherboard (though pretty unlikely).

    Any success with it working in the case?
  4. I left the top left screw out just in case and it works inside now. Thanks for all the help!
  5. One more question :), My graphics card, the GTX 670 has two slots, one which is 8 pin and one that is 6 pin - do I need to connect both? The fans start running when I connect the 8 pin with a PCIE connector
  6. Yep, you need both. Otherwise insufficient power is being supplied to the card, if it goes under load (or works at all) it'l either fail to perform or refuse to work due to insufficient power.
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