Looking to upgrade my HPs graphics card

I am looking to upgrade my HPs graphics card. I dont even know if that is possible actually? i have heard people saying that HPs cant really be upgraded.

But right now here are the specs
Its an HPE-543F
Intel Quad core
Core I5 is the processor type 2.80ghz
8gbs RAM
1.5tb HD
I honestly dont even know what the graphics card is i just bought it and it isnt here yet but i think it is AMD Radeon HD 6570.
The power supply is 460 watts.

Can i even upgrade this to a better one? My budget is about $250.

Something along the lines of a AMD Radeon HD 6870?
Or an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 465?
Are either of these possible?
Or is it even possible to upgrade this pc?
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  1. What games are you planning to play?
  2. I mainly play diablo 3 but i would like to play other RPGs when they come out. Say guild wars etc
  3. You can upgrade your HP PC.I did.I am running a Sapphire HD 6850 on a Cooler Master eXtreme Power Plus 460w with a Core2Duo E7400.But you may have to change your PSU.Within 260$,you can get-



    Hope this helps.:)
  4. What resolution?
  5. The highest poissible.
    thanks absxiith.
    I will definitely look into that
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