Unstable PSU?

Hi all,

I'm having some real concerns right now. I built my very first PC a couple months ago and it's been running pretty flawlessly up until now. Just tonight I've had two power surges within 20 minutes of each other. My computer suddenly shuts down and automatically restarts and then I'm greeted with a message from my motherboard informing me that it shut down due to a power surge and an unstable PSU. It seems to be working okay right now, but I'm just worried that I might have a faulty PSU.

My specs:

CPU: Intel Core i5 3570k
CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Mobo: ASUS P8Z77-V
RAM: G.Skill Ares 8GB DDR3 1600
PSU: SeaSonic X750

Is there anything I should do? I appreciate any help!

EDIT: It's getting to be a real problem now. My PC just restarted on me for the third time, but this time I didn't get a message from the motherboard. Things aren't looking good :(

EDIT: And my fears were just confirmed. My PSU died. I tried cleaning it, I tried different outlets and I even tried testing it outside of my PC. Nothing. I guess I'm just unlucky :(
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  1. I would say that your PSU is acting properly. Any time your AC is disrupted (as in a power surge) outside of the acceptable allowance of the PSU's switching capabilities, it will (okay, should by design) shut down power to the PC to protect it. If power stability is an issue where you are (frequent brownouts, blackouts or surges), you may want to invest in an uninterrupted power supply which should compensate for irregular power. All that message is really telling you is that the computer was not shut down properly and it was the PSU that initiated it. I wouldn't be too concerned at this time. If you notice that behavior without outside power issues, then you should become concerned.
  2. To my knowledge, I wasn't having any outside power issues. I have my monitor and speakers plugged into the same power strip and they weren't having any issues. As I mentioned, I tested the PSU outside of my case, and it wouldn't turn on. I have already issued an RMA to SeaSonic. I just hope they have a quick turnaround.
  3. When you tested it, jumped the green and black wire on the 24 pin, you then checked the voltages with a multimeter? I ask because with the X series, the fan will only come on for a split second at first - that is normal, so using the "see if the fan runs" type of 'troubleshooting' doesn't work for that. Just thought I'd throw that tidbit of info out as an FYI.
    Now I'm curious about SeaSonic's RMA process/experience. Please post again after replacement to let us know how it went for you.
  4. Yeah I'm aware of the "hybrid fan." I had it hooked up to an extra case fan when I jumped it and nothing happened :( I will definitely let you know how it goes!
  5. So I finally received my replacement X750 today. Everything seems to be working fine, but I'm not gonna get too excited just yet. As for my experience with SeaSonic's RMA process, I have to admit I'm a bit disappointed.

    When I went to fill out the online RMA form, I saw that the X750 wasn't listed as one of the available models :heink: and consequently, my serial number wasn't recognized as valid. I then emailed support and got a reply pretty quickly (within an hour). I was given another RMA form to fill out and submit, which I did right away. Once again, I was quick to receive a reply containing my RMA number. I shipped my faulty PSU to them a couple days after my last post. They received it on the 6th (ground shipping). A few days passed and I hadn't heard anything from support so I figured I would email them to ask about the status of my RMA (this was on the 10th). Later that night I got a reply asking me for my tracking number. Needless to say I was a little confused so I told them that they should have received my package already and provided them my tracking number. I got no reply for the rest of the night. I had even tried calling and leaving a message earlier, but still got nothing. Then the following day I received an email saying that my replacement was on its way.

    Although they didn't quite live up to my expectations and I feel that they are really lacking in terms of communication, I'm just happy to be up and running again.
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